Absinthe (Mengling) Wu has a Master’s of Science degree in Game Science and Design at Northeastern University. She has excelled in taking different areas of media study like the following: concept illustration, 3D modeling, film and digital camera photography, game design, website development and modern art history; and implementing them into her digital works.

As a graphic artist and game design, Absinthe has two and half years of working experience work with digital production teams, such as Game designer at Northeastern University, Photographer & Web designer at Sparks Magazine, Marketing researcher at Maker Media.

Absinthe also explored various creative industries and determined her niche as someone who is involved in a community with people who have a passion for creating video games. Previously, she published Unity web game Pacific Armada, Magnet Racer, Unreal 4 3D game Wonderland, and RPG game Out of Vacation Days.

Absinthe will continue to work in media production industry, and create video games, animation, UI/UX design.