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Mengling (Absinthe) Wu has a Masterʼs of Science degree in Game Science and Design at Northeastern University. She has excelled in taking different areas of media study like the following: concept illustration, 3D modeling, film and digital camera photography, game design, website development and modern art history; and implementing them into her digital works.

As a graphic artist and game design, Absinthe has two and half years of working experience work with digital production teams, such as Game designer at Northeastern University, Photographer & Web designer at Sparks Magazine, Marketing researcher at Maker Media.

Absinthe also explored various creative industries and determined her niche as someone who is involved in a community with people who have a passion for creating video games. Previously, she published Unity web game Pacific Armada, Magnet Racer, Unreal 4 3D game Wonderland, and RPG game Out of Vacation Days.

Absinthe will continue to work in media production industry, and create video games, animation, UI/UX design.


Display of works

Position: Game designer, Art designer.

Out of Vacation Days is a story - and choice-driven RPG game, which allows players to encounter multiple story endings within the game.Made by Absinthe Wu Greg Gonzalez and Phillip Corrado. Created for Senior Project class, University of Florida, Florida.

Position: Lead graphic designer, UI/UX designer, Audio composer, level designer.

Magnet Racers is a game where four players control magnets as they race around a track. Whoever finishes 5 laps first wins. Made by Absinthe Wu, Tyler Corwin, Uttkarsh Narayan and Shubham. Created for Game Design and Analysis class, Northeastern University, Boston.

Wonderland is a maze environment third-person view game, which allows player walk through the maze and experience the strange,mysterious ways of Wonderland, attempting to find their way back home. Made by Absinthe Wu and Brent Lopez. Created for Game Design 2 class, University of Florida, Florida.

Position: Graphic designer, game designer. 2D Unity Web game.

Burdened by the pressure of limited time and an exhausting food supply,the Bandits need to trek across half the globe, making their way through seven exotic countries. Created for Game Design I class, University of Florida, Florida.

Animation & Video Production

Audio Design

Display of works

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